About Walls to Bridges



The program engages participants to change habits by developing a better understanding of themselves and others. Our objective is to knock down walls of ignorance and build bridges of understanding between people. We emphasize the importance of bringing people together in a civil society.

Purpose of Program:
The Walls to Bridges Program is designed to improve attitudes within human interactions. The program focuses on building constructive relationships between participants. The interactions are broadbased and include such areas as Education., Beliefs, Community Development and Government.

Our slogan is "You treat people like people, for no other reason than they are people and that is reason enough."

Design of Program:
We strongly recommend this program to schools, administrators, instructors, people of faith, employers with employees and all who understand the importance of bringing people together to establish a civil society.

The program includes a pre- and post- test adminstered to measure any changes in participants' attitudes about education and the importance of healthy relationships. .

This program is designed for groups between 5 and 35 participants.

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